Range Rider Patch

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Range Rider Morale Patch. Stick it wherever you want.

3″ diameter with hook fastener material sewn on the back.

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2 reviews for Range Rider Patch

  1. yukon6521 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, and comes with the female connecting side too.

    • admin

      Appreciate the review Yukon6521! Use FLANNELDADDY on your next order and get 10% off everything!

  2. Mitchell Werner (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling for months now to come up with a solution that this patch finally solves. First, I tried to wear bracelets with clearly visible writing on them, but the bracelets chaffed my wrist and they would have to be cut off every time my hand got stuck in a jar. After that, I attempted to make my own custom t-shirts, but if I applied the glitter too early to the Elmers glue then the block letters would look all weird, and the shirts kept ruining my washer machine every month or so when I would do laundry. And on several occasions I tried explaining to my landlord why the other tenants in the trailer park have complained about me leaving my 2001 Pontiac Aztek with signs taped to a cardboard box around my torso. Nothing seemed to work.

    But ever since I started using these patches I haven’t had to worry about any of those problems. For weeks I’ve been able to effortlessly avoid the social anxiety of having a girl speak to me, and as soon as anyone sees the Onward Research patches I have Velcroed to my operator cap, 5.11 polo shirt, and jean shorts, they immediately know to speak slowly and use small words.

    Overall a 7/10 only because the description is misleading. It says to “Stick it wherever you want,” but try explaining that to your psychotherapy counselor.

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